Some of our happy clients feedback

I am very passionate about my work and I love my classes.  It’s very rewarding for me when members lose the weight they want and then go on to maintain their weight loss.  It’s also very rewarding when members try different forms of exercise, challenging themselves when they previously thought they wouldn’t be able to do it.  Here are a few words from them:

  • I have never been bored.

    I have never been bored.

    I came to Carol’s class on my Mum’s recommendation. I wanted to lose weight after having my second child – but I didn’t have the motivation to do it by myself at home. I knew how to eat healthily, but wasn’t putting it into practice, and I wasn’t making time to exercise. With my Mum on the case to make sure I went, and my Dad looking after the baby I started at Carol’s Tuesday class. Straight away, I knew I had made the right decision. Carol was very supportive and encouraging, and I could manage the exercise. The first week I lost 5lbs, and that gave me the motivation to continue. I set myself the target of being slimmer of the week each week – I am quite a competitive person, so making sure I achieved this helped to keep me on track. I also had some jeans that I used to wear that I wanted to get back into – now I can with room to spare! As the weeks went on, I felt more energetic and despite still having interrupted sleep, much less tired. Going each week became some much needed ‘me’ time, with lots of support from other members. I’m so glad I came to Activ8 fitness – Carol is amazing – each week is different, so I have never been bored.

    Nia Dobson

  • I now enjoy being happy to get my arms out in public

    I now enjoy being happy to get my arms out in public

    After months without exercising for one reason or another and over indulgence over Christmas 2016, I was starting to think about losing some weight and improving my fitness…however the thought of starting was daunting to say the least. Encouraged by a group of friends I decided to give Activ8 fitness a go. I knew Carol, but was still apprehensive about facing up to my weight gain and actually committing to starting, what if I failed? I have always been a bit of a yoyo dieter and exercised sporadically, did I really want to lose weight or should I just accept defeat now?

    When I met with Carol for a one to one and weigh in it was such a positive experience that I felt quite enthusiastic, despite realising that I had over two stone to lose…how did that happen??? A week later I went along to the Wednesday class and weighed in…I had lost 4 lbs which was such a motivator. I stayed for the class which I really enjoyed and felt really pleased with myself. Eventually I tried all the different classes local to me (at first I was only able to manage the easiest options that Carol gives but built up over time) and realised that having different classes on different days gave me choice and little excuse not to make at least two a week. I tried Pilates and loved doing something so different to the high impact fat burning classes. It also meant that whilst I was at a class I wasn’t eating or snacking and having to weigh in once a week meant that I was accountable and gave me a focus. I didn’t go near scales for the rest of the week so it was a genuine surprise each week and usually a positive one.

    Carol always made me feel good about losing even when it was only half a pound and even on the weeks when I stayed the same. Having the certificates each week and support of Carol and everyone at the classes kept me motivated and it was nice to share in everyone’s successes. Using some of the recipes and ideas from Carol’s talks kept me on track even when I had social occasions where I was ‘bad’. Breaking down the weigh lose into half stone chunks made it manageable and the classes meant I was more active so could actually eat quite a lot as long as it was balanced. Alcohol was difficult for me to give up completely but the weeks when I could go without really helped to shift the pounds!

    After a determined few months I finally achieved my two stone weigh loss.  I was so chuffed with myself but also a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to maintain it. Carol was and remains so encouraging and has such a realistic approach…of course we are all going to have weeks when we eat or drink more than we need (or both!) like on holiday, but it doesn’t have to mean we have failed! Carol sends messages on the facebook page encouraging us all to ‘get back on it’ and the weekly talks have some good information and ideas too.

    I now enjoy being happy to get my arms out in public (which I did for Ascot Ladies Day for the first time in years!) and feeling comfortable to wear more or less what I want. I have more energy and sleep better and cannot recommend Activ8 any higher. I am confident that by continuing to go to classes each week and weighing in regularly I will be able to maintain my weight loss. It is a great way to combine activity with socialising and seeing friends. But don’t take my word for it come along and see for yourself!!

    Nicola Norman

  • I like the structure of classes and motivational talks

    I like the structure of classes and motivational talks

    What I love most about having an instructor who has lost weight herself is she can relate to all our struggles. I like the structure of classes and motivational talks. Everyone is so supportive and friendly. lots of classes to suit everyone’s tastes and abilities And a huge plus is the social side as I have made so many friends. XXX


  • The exercise classes and dietary advice kept me on target

    I have been attending Carol’s classes for some time and lost weight steadily from the very beginning. The exercise classes and dietary advice kept me on target, I took up running because I felt so much fitter and when Carol introduced HiiT and Fitness Pilates I subscribed to these, too. The varied programme that Carol offers means I now have a good fitness regime. As a result I am the same healthy weight as I was 40 years ago before I had my children, my metabolic age is 18 years less than my actual age, I am able to run at least 12 miles a week, more if I an in training for a half marathon, and I have more confidence in myself than I have had for many years. I am very grateful to Carol for her encouragement and support and for the enthusiasm she brings to every class which makes everyone want to do their best.


  • I haven’t looked back

    I haven’t looked back

    I started attending Carols classes because of an old injury which meant I couldn’t go to the gym and I haven’t looked back. As a man attending a predominantly a womans’ class, I find it invigorating, hard work and I am certainly starting to see results in fitness levels. Carol makes her classes fun and enjoyable and includes everyone.

    I would recommend trying one of her classes without a doubt!!!


  • 5 weeks and I have already lost a stone in weight

    5 weeks and I have already lost a stone in weight

    I joined Carol’s classes 5 weeks ago and am delighted to say I have already lost one stone in weight!  I love the support that she and the other members give me and I love the exercise classes – so much so that I quickly started to go to 2 a week and now intend to go to 3 a week!  I am a diabetic so it’s really important for me to lose weight – Carol has given me all the tools and advice I need to do this and I am delighted with my progress.


  • I am so pleased I have started….

    I am so pleased I have started doing the HiiT class on a Monday morning because I can really feel the benefit.  I have far more energy through the week.